Events! Excitement! Exclamation Points!

As you can see, I’ve shifted things around a bit.

I’ve been wanting to do this for some time, inasmuch as my old site—lovely as it was, to be sure—had a few key limitations, namely:

  • being Wordpress
  • being exclusively gamery
  • being dated
  • being boring

And so. Because I am a geek, I have made things as complicated as I possibly can without having my wife kill me.1

I fully expect to spend a goodly bit of time tweaking this in the next few months/weeks/years/until the Internet ends, and I suspect I’ll have more to say about the technologies I’m using as well.

In short, the site is built on Hyde, which is (as its name implies) Jekyll‘s serially misunderstood, less-well-behaved alter-ego. There’s plenty to love, and plenty to grumble about, but if you’re choosing a static site generator, know this: the documentation for Hyde is a horsewreck.2

In any case, hooray! Website.

  1. Although, if I don’t get this deployed tonight, I may have missed my window. 

  2. Like a trainwreck, but more out-of-date.