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the programming of computers

A simple script for gathering missing Markdown links

As I was writing something else, I got distracted by a common problem and threw together a quick script to deal with it. It seems like I’m pretty much the opposite of Brett Terpstra when I write; his awesome Markdown Service Tools has a service to turn a group of tabs in Safari or Chrome to a list of Markdown reference links. But for me, it’s a lot easier to write first and find links later, as a lot of the time I’m not linking to research I’m doing now but research I’ve done in the past. So usually what I’ll do when I want to link to something is simply include a link reference as I write (so, in the first link on this page, I’ve just put [Brett Terpstra][TERPstra]), and then promptly forget about them. When I finally get around to rendering the thing, I usually find a bunch of links I’ve forgotten to fill in.

Events! Excitement! Exclamation Points!

As you can see, I’ve shifted things around a bit.

I’ve been wanting to do this for some time, inasmuch as my old site—lovely as it was, to be sure—had a few key limitations, namely:

  • being Wordpress
  • being exclusively gamery
  • being dated
  • being boring

And so. Because I am a geek, I have made things as complicated as I possibly can without having my wife kill me.

Contrary to appearances…

Kill Screen is hosting some more of my oddjob handiwork. I thought it a fitting tribute to the end of the Mass Effect series. (For a minor easter egg, check out the id I gave the script element. I’m hilarious.)