A Collection of Oddities

Over the past while, I’ve kind of vanished from the internet.1 Back in the day, though, I used to do some cool stuff, especially for Kill Screen. A lot of the stuff I did is broken now, with only a blank page where something neat used to be. For a while, KS tried to wrestle my mostly bad code into submission with each website update, but there’s only so much effort one can reasonably expect even Kill Screen’s awesome web team to put in micromanaging six-year-old structure-dependent javascript based on absurdly outdated versions of assorted offsite libraries. So mostly, my history at KS is full of holes.

From time to time I get emails or twitter mentions from other people who also thought some of my web experiments at Kill Screen were neat, and wondering where they are. So (with KS‘s permission) I’m republishing some of those oddities here. The first of them is one of my favorite things I’ve ever written, my review of Infinity Blade. I’m glad it’s back up somewhere.

  1. With the notable exception of posting needlessly in-depth responses to irrelevant questions on esoteric subreddits, of course.