Is polygeek¹ a word? I declare it a word.²

Last night, after Megan went to sleep, I sat down on the couch. Final Fantasy XIII in the PS3, for better or for worse.³ Wireless keyboard and mouse in front of me, on the coffee table. Harmony beside me. Sixaxis in hand. This (I swear to you) is the problem I had: I wanted to play FFXIII while using a Linux live CD to resize the ext3 partition on a hard drive in the Hackintosh hooked up to my TV (to make room for an HFS+ partition, of course), but I was frustrated because I couldn’t set up picture-in-picture on my Harmony, and I was too lazy to get up and walk across the room to get my TV remote.

This pretty much sums up my whole self.

Computer hacking (under the old definition), gaming, electronics aficion, excessive laziness, and ADD. After some (read: much) trolling around in the accessible TV menus with my Harmony, I simply gave up and (gasp!) switched inputs away from the computer, to let it do its thing. I had to play FFXIII without monitoring my bouncing progress bar, but I somehow coped.

Anyway, the resize is still churning away, seventeen hours later. Five to go, says gparted.

  1. I was about to title this post “Oh, the geeks I geek,” but it sounded too much like a Dr. Seuss story about a guy who bites the heads off guys who bite the heads off chickens.  

  2. A number of problems attach to this, inasmuch as one can be polymathic without knowing anything about math, and a polyhistor seems to be a man of many sciences.3 Logically, then, the appropriate term for someone geeky about many things would be polyjock.4 

  3. Sometimes, Wikipedia will eat me, and vomit me out hours later, more knowledgable and less sane. Consider: who but the Wikipedia editorship could, without the slightest trace of humor, include a disclaimer like this in an article: “Since there are no omniscient human beings …” 

  4. Although this sounds like a man with many penises. Which I guess is not the worst thing to be mistaken for. 

  5. Having played Final Fantasy VI back when it was Final Fantasy III, nothing quite measures up. I suspect I have more to say about this.